Khaki Campbells and Profits?????

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by babalubird, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Jul 21, 2008
    Questions for those raising Khakis and selling the eggs.

    I've been floored by the price for a dozen duck eggs online. Do all of you find the Khakhis really the best choice for egg laying and are the prices online really realistic? Are people really getting these prices for duck eggs? In which case, aren't they a better choice for profiting than chickens?

    We have not stocked our farm yet and really want the truth if maybe ducks would be a better choice over the chickens if indeed ducks require less maintenance, store-bought grain and indeed the public is willing to pay these prices.

    Those of you selling duck eggs, are you getting good prices in this economy? How do you market? What price in what part of the country, are you asking?


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    There is really almost no way to answer your questions. It is so highly dependently on your area, your level of experience, etc... Ducks are in no way, shape, or form "less maintenance" than chickens. Since you say you have not stocked your farm yet, you may be in for quite an awakening. Ducks are considerably more maintenance than chickens, especially if maintained for egg laying because they tend to be MUCH dirtier than chickens and seem to go out of their way to not lay in nests. You have to really keep them high and dry, with adequate very clean nests or you will get eggs that are fine for hatching, but not as suitable for eating.

    From an agribusiness perspective, if I wanted ducks to use as egg-layers for "eating" eggs verses hatching eggs, I would go with a commercially produced hybrid. Most hatcheries offer the hybrids. Metzer's offers one that is solid white. This makes a big difference if you plan to sell eggs to the Asian market (which really is the biggest market for duck eggs). I would also check out the legality of selling eggs, including duck eggs, in your local market. In some places, you can't even sell duck eggs for eating (I believe people here have said they get around that by saying the eggs are for pet food). Most places have some restriction on the number of eggs a person can sell without a license as well. Again, it all just depends on where you are. Good luck to you!
  3. Ducks are way more work than chickens. Messier, poopier, they spill their water and food everywhere...

    If you check everything out and you still want to sell duck eggs look into bakeries in your area too. Since duck eggs are higher in protein they are great for baking.

    Good luck!

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