Khaki Campbells


8 Years
Apr 29, 2014
A co worker of mine bought ducklings this past spring. Mostly in April. Her husband butchered all, except 3 KC. He decided he did not like the ducks...(he is lucky he did not live with me, NO ONE besides me, decides what will be butchered. They are MINE!) She begged me to take them. I have a mixed flock of 29 Heritage chickens and 2 Rouen hens. She said they were free range, but not laying. It is Nov 29th. No eggs. Poor girls had no idea what feeders were, or waterers. They are quite nervous. Not socialized at all. Have eventually all gotten a long together. I am thinking there diet was poor, and will take a while to adjust, both diet and surroundings. Had for a couple weeks now. My Rouens started laying at 20 weeks. Lay every day, except when the hawk got into my pen. Freaked everybody out for a few days. I feed them all natural organics just like my existing flock. How long before I should start sering eggs. BTW, they refuse to go in my duck house. They have been sleeping under my big enclosed coop that is secure. Any ideas? Or anything else I should be doing? They are also the CLOWNS of my entire flock!
Khakis are skittish to some extent but are a very personable duck. I love my breeding pen of Khakis, they are a riot! Get them acclimated, on a steady diet and let their nerves settle down a bit and they'll lay for you. They are exceptional layers in case you didn't know.
I am hoping by Christmas, it should be normal around here. They are so pretty, and half the size of my Rouens. I might have to build a "new" duck house, so they will all live together happily.
I might consider once a week poultry vitamins to help them catch up, but sounds like what you're feeding will really help them. I think a good diet, good environment, fresh water will help bring them around.
Good news!!!
As of yesterday, 5 duck hens, my 2 original Rouens, and 3 rescued Khaki Campbells- 10 eggs! Everybody is laying...not where I would like, in the duck house, But that can be fixed.
I think the 7 month old eggless KC's are gonna be just fine!!!

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