khaki drake agressive towards muscovy female


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Nov 18, 2015
Copperas cove, TX
I have a khaki drake that I bought as an adult with 2 females. My boxer killed on of the females right after I got them after she flew out of her pen. At the same time I had bought 3 straight run muscovy's as they got older I realized that I had 1 drake and 2 hens. My muscovys are now about 5 months old now and I lost one of the females so I have a drake and a hen left. I bought 2 swedish hens to go with my khaki drake to keep him occupied but it seems that he has taken to my female muscovy. If she come out of the chicken coop the he chases her down and breeds her until she hides again. Every morning I let them out to free range and put them up every night. My female muscovy wont come out until forced to usually when I go gather eggs. Once she come out he goes after her chasing her all over the yard and pen until he gets what he wants. The he goes back off with his 3 girls that he already has and she goes back to hiding My muscovy female is starting to look pretty rough the khaki drake has pulled all her feathers out of the back of her neck and it is just so violent. I have never seen one of my drakes do this before. He does not treat his girls like this though only the muscovy. I have thought about getting more khaki hens and muscovy hens but before I do I need to know if this is only going to make things worse with him? maybe I should get rid of the drake or my muscovy's. My husband is a little attached to my muscovy male (howard) but howard is only 5 months old right now and is not aggressive. Dilbert the khaki male does fight with howard but it is short lived.


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May 6, 2013
A duck time out is more than in order. Ducks are social, sometimes a week vacation in solitary will reset their nonsense. Don't rehome or get more until you atleast try a time out for a while. Usually, male-on-female violence is a case of "romantic" obsession and not one about dominance or control.

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