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    My 5yr old has a problem with hideing. He finds somewhere in the house (and outside in the summer ) and won't answer until a parent is in turmoil looking for the lost child. After we got chicks it was a big funny for him to make Bauck Bauck noises all the time. We started making the same noise as a joke, What transpired was now when called he's hideing and we have to make a bauck noise to get an answer from him.It lets us know what room he's in and it has worked wonderfully.He always says BAUCK right back. It's like a really loud chicken speak for "Are you OK?" From outside coming into the house it sounds like a giant coop.
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    [​IMG] Very cute. [​IMG]
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    It is cute, but it's also something to watch closely. When kids start hiding like that and don't answer to a normal call, it can be a problem in an emergency or turn what was meant to be fun on their part into a dangerous situation. As long as you feel it is all in fun enjoy his youthful playfullness and treasure these times.

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