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    Mar 20, 2008
    My family does an international nite every month where one of the kids makes a dinner from another culture. Its my turn this month but last time I made dinner I made this really yummy fish wrapped up in lettuce leaves (traditionally its banana leaves but I had none) that was from India. But my picky cousin didn't like it so I need to make something everyone will like. Something from a cool culture like Israel or Japan. Thanks.
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    Try middle eastern pita-based "pocket" sandwiches.
    Every culture in the region has them, in one form or another, from our familiar gyros and doner kababs to falafel.
    Kid friendly and ultra fun.
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    Mar 20, 2008
    Thanks I'll consider them.
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    From Japan: tempura is usually a hit but it's a pain to make.

    How about something that you can make traditionally but is still "normal" enough to appeal to the kid? Like authentic tacos from Mexico, you can do a really nice stewed meat for the filling and let people make their own tacos (soft tacos of course)

    Or how about a super-yummy marinated grilled kebab from the middle east?

    Here's a good resource: go to, click on advanced search. Click the "kid-friendly" button and then from the drop-down menu choose the nationality you prefer. I personally think "kid-friendly" narrows the search too much, but it might give you some ideas.
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    Mar 20, 2008
    My cousin and my sister did tacos for their turn last time. How about stir fry? I really like that and its Asian. What do you think I should put in it? Or I could do a beef, chicken and veggie shish kebab. Mmmmmmmm I'm hungry.
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    I often go to the Allrecipes website for new ideas. I found a great recipe for Korean BBQ, it's called Bulgogi and rather easy to make and my boys love the taste and flavor.
  7. Marinate chicken pieces in plain yogurt overnight or all day and then grill them. You can put some saffron in the yogurt if you have it. My brother in law is Iranian and he makes this all the time -- outstanding.

    I use a big ziplock bag in the fridge...every now and then give it a squeeze or two and turn it over. Easy to clean up, even with a bellyful of yogurt chicken and grilled veggies!

    (even the legs come out nice, and I really don't like to eat chicken legs)
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    I make a Thai coconut soup....oh yum, sounds odd, but its wicked good.

    1 can coconut milk (has the fat in it, so just drop that in the pan too)
    1 can coconut milk can of Milk
    1 package of rice noodles (cooked and placed into cold water,you can replace with angel hair/any type of noodle)
    shrimp (sea food) or Chicken (cooked)
    olive oil
    chili sauce (hot suace or ground chili's we call it rooster sauce)

    bean sprouts, peas or pods, celery, carrots (sliced thin), onion, garlic, broccoli (what ever your family likes) now place a drop or 2 of olive oil in a pan, keep tossing veggies veggies and meat until veggies are becoming tender and hot add in drained rice noodles toss until hot.
    Add coconut milk and milk in with veggies and meat, add one tsp (more or less according to taste!) of the ground chili paste/sauce.
    Let sit for 10 min so the flavors blend.

    Serve with chicken curry, use 2 tsp (according to taste) curry (red is hot, green is less hot), add 1 lb ground poultry, onion diced and peas or corn (just enough to show color), cook til done.
    lay on bed of lettuce (tell your cousin tuff, lol , lettuce is good for you! hee hee)
    you can make a dressing out of sesame oil a bit of vinegar with garlic.
    Also you can leave off the curry chicken and make a salad with thai peanutbutter dressing, that is tastey too! Weird sounding but great.
    Good luck, keep us posted please!!!![​IMG]
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    Apr 21, 2008
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    Quote:I just looked this recipe up, mmmmm, sounds wonderful. Also there is a link to find the peanut sauce. Yum, got me thinking.....![​IMG]
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