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Mar 21, 2010
One of the best things about having our chickens so far is watching my kids with them. From the time they have been
baby chicks to now (egg laying age) they have had so much fun with them. Whoever gets up in the morning first
runs out to the backyard to open their door to let them out for awhile and give them their morning snack of raisins. When they get
home from school they both run out back to see how many eggs they have laid. Every day is an easter egg hunt!!!!!
They love feeding them their snacks, giving them attention and making sure they are locked up every night.
I honestly have to say we have had our five chickens for nine months now and no one has tired of them. They are so
entertaining to watch and have brought our family so much joy!!! We enjoy our fresh eggs and so do the neighbors!!
How great to be a kid and have chickens!!! Priceless- is all I can say...........
Its true! I read an article once that said chickens are one of the top 5 no-no pets for kids!? I have no idea why... they are easily cared for by my daughter, and never have an issue. She still (after 2 years) loves having them out with her, and always is the first to go feed them when its feeding time. She knows all their names and is always telling EVERYONE when they ask what pets we have each and every chicken and duck along with the cat and dog. (Its a long long long list! LOL)
I think it's wonderful that your kiddo's are growing up with "the chicken experience" . Besides teaching them how to care for animals/pets, it's helping them learn to be kind to our feathery friends.

Hopefully they'll pass the same experience on to their kids some day too!
Another positive aspect of having chickens. Our 6 yr and 11 mo olds both love to be around the chickens. The excitement of our 6yr old when he finds an egg is warming.
I completely agree! my kids have been around chickens for 6 years. My middle child loves them the most, names them all, carries them around, sings to them. i have even caught her taking them down the slide with her. both of my daughters have decided to join the 4-H poultry club this year because they love them so much. Chickens and kids are great together.
I think the whole chicken experince has been a wonderful example to my 2 teenage daughters--that the freshest, most organic food is what you raise and grow yourself! (Eggs, that is...we won't be eating our "pets!")

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there is nothing cuter than seeing my 8 and 5 yrs old grandkids fighting each other to get to the chickens first.. they sit on the ground with all 30 and have them crawling all over them.. they especially love all the colors of the eggs they lay from brown to sky blue. and the 5 yr old grandson just walks right up and picks up the roosters with no problem at all..

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