Kids and chores.


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Mar 18, 2008
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Just wondering what type of chores your kids do?
Maybe there ares and what they do around the house/farm/yard to help out?

My 8.5 yr old son has a chore chart that he has to check his chores off each day.
They are
Feed/water inside cats
Feed /water outside cat
feed /water chickens
scrape perches
clean bedroom/make bed
unload silverware from dish washer
collect eggs and write total in the book
water sunflowers and plant in pots in front of house
load 2 boxes of fire wood
(and brush teeth morng and night)

then he has his 2 times a week chores
clean bathroom
vaccuum bedroom and hall

Once a week he helps me tidy up the chicken coop and yard


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Jan 2, 2008
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Okay, that is way, way, way more than my almost-ten-year-kid does and more, to be honest, than my teens do. I think maybe mine don't do enough, but I woder if others do as much as yours . . .


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God bless you!

This country needs more parents like you.

The busier you keep them, the better they'll be!

Love them, encourage them, cherish them, spend time with them. It will pay many dividends down the road.

My wife and I come from families where there were chores.

7 kids in my family, 6 in hers. There have been no divorces. Everyone is gainfully employed.

As I looked out my bedroom window today and watched my 13 year old fill the waterers and spred some laying mash out for the hens, I just smiled.

I have WHAT in my yard?

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Jun 24, 2008
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More than my 8.5 year old does, but I am not sure by much.

My kids 6 & 8 take turns setting the table for dinner and they both have to clear dinner to the kitchen. They have to clean their rooms. They're expected to keep their bathroom tidy (I clean it, but they're not allowed to trash it!) They're expected to help with the dog and chickens, but it isn't their responsibility. They are expected to help with other property chores like stacking wood. But, again it isn't their responsibility and we all do it as a family.

Mostly, they're responsible for doing their homework. I am shocked at how much they both have.

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Feb 10, 2008
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to chickabee19

I'm sorry but that signature line just doesn't go with the statement. Although I TOTALLY agree with both!!!
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Wow, that is a good list of chores!
Some of ours are (but not limited too)
Make you bed
Fold and put away laundry (their own)
Load/unload dishwasher
Clean bathroom
Take out Trash
Carry laundry to basement
Change sheets on bed (weekly)
Empty trash cans
Set/Clear table
Feed/water Cats
Clean litter boxes
Feed/water bunnies

My question to all of you is do you pay your kids for chores or give them an allowance or just expect it done?


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May 14, 2008
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Everybody lives in the house.
Everybody does chores.
That's the rule.
Don't live the rule, then take away things they like until they live the rule

Add: Practice the piano (or other instrument), do homework, etc..., etc..., etc...


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Mar 29, 2008
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Mine doesn't have a list. He does what I tell him to do. Different things different days. I don't consider cleaning his room and making his bed a chore. He understands that I will provide for him money for extracuricular activities but if I have to clean his room and make his bed then he has to provide me money. He washes his own clothes and puts them away, not considered a chore either.

Chores he may be asked to do:
Mow the lawn
weed eat
put clean dishes away
fill dishwasher
take out trash
garden tilling
tearing out sheetrock (currently doing)
Whatever needs to be done

I do not pay by the job or weekly. He's in scouts and FFA (going to Nationals) and other school related activities like football games and such. I provide him with the cash to allow these things to happen. Now he does mow gma and pa's yard and they pay him so he gets extra cash that way.

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