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    Jan 7, 2009
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    I'm weird about junk foods with our son. I'll admit it. I don't let him eat that kind of crap. For his first birthday, he got carrot cake instead of chocolate. Not only because he doesn't NEED junky chocolate, but because, since he really doesn't eat much junk, I didn't want him getting sick. I was "attacked" for this, the MIL said that it was a "family tradition" to give the kids chocolate cake, and I was ruining the tradition (it wasn't a "tradition", it was her three kids, hardly counts). He also only gets a few bites of cake at other parties (like the SIL's baby shower this weekend), without icing. Of course, everyone insists that he gets to eat globs and globs of icing, and it ends up being a fight, because, no, I will NOT let my son eat all of that junk. A TINY bit is fine (few bites of cake, a lick of icing), but he doesn't need to have globs of icing or two pieces of cake jammed down his throat. He also doesn't get juice all day. I give him juice once per day, and it's usually watered down, half and half in his 8oz cup. I'll give him full strength if he's "blocked up" in the bowels, just to help him go. But, that's another thing that I have to fight people with. They don't understand that if he gets full-strength juice all day long, he'll end up getting a belly ache and pooping like a leaky faucet. PLUS, with all of the sugars in juice, well, he just doesn't need that, he drinks water just fine, just like I do. Some people act like it's some type of neglect that he doesn't get JUNK. Drives me absolutely insane. Anyone else feel the same way I do?
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    I have to admit that my kids eat their share of junk these days, but when they were younger, we were much the same as you. We did relax for special occasions though. I see nothing wrong with having carrot cake as a birthday cake, it's yummy!

    As far as juice is concerned, I have never been an advocate of juice. My kids might have a juice box once in a great while and we might have some orange juice in the house once or twice a year, but we really don't do juice. Every time we go visit my Mom, she very nicely asks what kind of bread and juice she should have on hand. Every time she seems surprised that they don't drink juice on a regular basis and they never eat white bread. I figure my kids eat enough junk, at least I can make their bread and drinks healthy!
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    I think you did great stand up for your kids HEALTH and bunk what others have to say
    My sisters son hated cake we always had jello for his birthday bet that would give your MIL something to talk about
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    [​IMG] Way to go!!!! I had to fight my mother the whole time my kids were little for not giving them juice (I really never did) and they drink water....lots of water. Even now at 11, 9, and 7, my boys will tell you water is their favorite beverage. They will fight you for broccoli and ASK for salad for dinner. [​IMG] Stick to it, you are doing the right thing!!!
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    Ultimately it's up to you what your kid does and doesn't eat. It'll get harder, though, as he gets older. Where does one draw the line? If he's invited to a friend's house, it'll be harder to control what he tries and how much of what he eats.

    My husband's mom put her kids through a lot as far as food choices, and now his favorite place is Burger King. They had to do the whole no-sugar-ever thing for a while, and it backfired. My SIL does the same for her kids, but she takes it to such a degree that it's very hard on the rest of the family.

    I commend you for helping him make good choices.
    Navigating the family and friends piece is always a bit hard.

    ETA: I realize that the tone of the above could be taken wrong...I'm always glad to see parents watching out for what their kids eat and avoiding pseudo food!
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    Good for you!! Our children are bombarded with CRAP foods at every turn!
    When my daughter was 18 months old, we went to Southern California to visit friends and family, and a girlfriend of mine with a daughter just a few months older than mine, asked if my DD liked chocolate chip cookies...I said "I don't know, she's never had one." WOW, my friend and her husband's mouths hit the floor! They couldn't believe my DD had NEVER had a cookie!! I let her try it, but she didn't like it, she wanted a banana in stead.

    Stick to your guns, you will regret it if you give in to peer pressure. Once you give them sweets, there is no turning back!! My DD is 3 now, and has had her fair share of junk food, but because we delayed the sweets & juice until she was well over 2, she PREFERS the healthy stuff.

    She had only been sick a handful of times in her 3 years, AND she was a preemie (7 weeks early) I also practiced child-lead weaning, so she just stopped nursing in January, I attribute that to her incredible health...especially for a preemie!

    So again...GOOD FOR YOU, and stick with it!!!
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    Hey--good for you! Fighting the current is really hard, but this one is worth it. I think raising a child to eat well in America takes some serious guts and fortitude, because you will have to fight it everywhere and find a way to fight it without alienating everyone around you [​IMG]

    Yes, we fought it hard and long with the in-laws when our kids were little. Why get kids started on all that crap? They didn't see it that way and did not respect our wishes and eventually it caused a huge division between us.

    Now that my kids are older and their eating habits more established, it's not as big a deal. They love veggies and dip, ANY fruit, swiss chard quiche, spinach/asparagus soup, almost everything I put in front of them, and I am darn proud. But, it was hard work sometimes [​IMG]

    I once asked my family physician if it was really worth the battle, and she said absolutely. If you look at a LOT of the health issues in America, nearly all of them are tied to diet. Getting your kids a healthy start is incredibly valuable. It would be REALLY hard for them to change habits in adulthood.

    I really struggle with school now. All the snacks and chocolate milk drive me batty, but at least I have them for 2 meals per day and try to almost always pack their lunch. Good luck. You're not alone!


    ETA: I should note that my kids are expected to eat whatever other people serve them. At my in-laws that will be some sort of processed meat, white bread, juice and possibly a mushy vegetable, several desserts. [​IMG] They are NOT to turn up their noses. All the above is only about what WE offer them to eat and asking other people to not encourage junky food when they were younger than 1 or 2 years old...
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    May 8, 2008

    And my daughter now chooses to eat healthy(fruits over candy) and to not have her fruit juices full strength. At her friends b day party a few weekends ago she politely declined birthday cake. According to my dh I guess the mom of the birthday girl was put off by this. She mentioned it to my dh when he arrived to pick her up. The kid just isnt a "cake with heavy frosting" type. Who knows where she got that from since I will gladly take her piece. [​IMG]
    Oh and salad. She will ask for a salad over a burger etc any day. And then devour it sans the dressing.
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    Quote:They are your kids and you can raise them however you see fit. I never fed my son junk food when he was little, he now prefers water or milk, doesn't eat mayo, never salts his food, hates french fries, and uses ketchup on his burgers. He is 19 now so he can make his own decisions, but not feeding him garbage when he was younger turned him into a healthier adult.
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    Good for you! [​IMG] Traditions are meant to be made by your OWN family... some can be passed down and continued if chosen..while others are meant to be started once you have your own kids. So stick to your guns and go from there [​IMG]

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