Kids and weird eating habits

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Jun 5, 2009
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DD just informed me that she cannot POSSIBLY eat the mac and cheese that I made for dinner because I used elbows and not shells....

Can anyone top this? PLEASE?
that don't happen in my house. they either take it or leave it and i don't make special lol.
but i don't make my kids eat what they don't like. my oldest DD doesn't like shrimp, mushrooms, rice or olives. my middle DD doesn't like avocados. and the youngest eats just about anything except alfalfa sprouts LOL.
My nephew once refused to eat turkey at the Thanksgiving table. My brother-in-law referred to it as the "BIG BIRD" No way could Alex eat Big Bird
My bro will literally make himself sick if a green bean is on his plate... no clue why just hates them.
But he'll eat 'cheese sandwiches'... that's two pieces of white bread, piece of American, tossed into the microwave for 30 seconds... URK!

My nephews won't eat anything... not mashed potatoes... not any veggie... but they got that from their dad.
He's even picky about what type of corn he'll eat... it HAS to be Green Giant Shoepeg... that's like $3 for a 8oz can.
He about had apoplexy when he heard me telling his wife that I sometimes sneak carrots into my mashed potatoes...
The mashed potatoes he'd already scarfed one helping of and was halfway through his second...

Then you have my kids... the eat what's in front of them... might grumble about turnip greens (DS) or beans (DD) but they eat it.
Now you put spinach, broccoli, or asparagus in front of them and it's gone in the blink of an eye.

Go figure?

Me? I prefer squash, tomatoes, and broccoli cooked... but I do eat them.
I do NOT eat eggplant... just tastes funky... but I still try it now and again, never know when your taste may change.
I cannot have red dye, makes me hurl particularly on an empty stomach.
Not a fan of ketchup or mayo (except in tuna salad and buttermilk dressing) but I can live with them.

I think that's all my quirks... maybe.
Well, I will generally not fix something that I know that they will not eat, but I too sneak things in. Sometimes they see it, though. But for Mother's Day I got an AWESOME food processor! 1000 watts! So I should be able to pulverize mushrooms so that DS doesn't see them and carrots so that DH doesn't. Several years ago I put some mashed sweet potatoes into the mazshed potatoes for a holiday dinner (don't remember whether it was Thanksgiving or Christmas). They all ADORED them. This is hte group that usually will politely take a 1/2 a bite of the sweet potatoes just to make me happy. So now I add them on a fairly regular basis, and I make the sweet potatoes savory rather than sweet. (I always did hate the marshmallows on top!)
My DD (5) is 'Allergic' to green beans... but if I am sneaky with the can, she'll eat 'khaki beans' in an instant. She just somehow hates the idea of green beans... but apparently the taste of 'khaki' beans is fine. My extended family knows about 'khaki' beans, so they are sure to tell her that it's khaki beans on the menu, not green ones.

We tried the 'change the name' game on brussel sprouts... 'Fairy cabbages'... didn't work. still were really gross.
I feel like a short order cook. Hubby says I should let them take it or leave it but I guess I am a sucker. I will make one "meal" and if I get complaints they can make a sandwich. My kids are only 6 and 7 (very soon to be 8). I am hopeing the will eat more things. They only eat raw veggies not cooked and are just partcular about what meat they eat. They both love chicken.

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