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    My daughter who will turn 6 this fall, has a passion for animals. I am trying to encourage her but at times I am at such a loss. Right now she just found a baby bird our cat was stalking and she 'rescued' it. This is our third rescue this month (robin, baby bunny, now very tiny brown bird)- we have a small box we have turned into a temporary home with a screened lid, and we can usually convince her the animal will be better off back in the wild after a few hours...
    Anyway, I am wondering-

    A- How should one care for a baby bird of unknown species? (Only temporarily- we will let it go as soon as possible!)
    (Right now I have the kids out digging for worms...)

    B- Any suggestions on how to direct my daughter's passion?
    We live in a suburb on a less than half acre lot. We have a dog, 2 cats, 4 hermit crabs, and our chickens, of course. She wants a farm. (So do I, sigh...)
    I am thinking I could take her with me to volunteer at the Humane Society, or perhaps we could do some pet fostering. She would love to have kittens and that might be fun, I am just afraid that doing either of those things would only lead to her begging me to keep all of them...

    C- I am also trying to get in touch with our local licensed wildlife rehabilitator. We only have one in our area, and so far, I haven't been able to get hold of her. I would love for her to talk to my daughter, or perhaps we could do some volunteer work through her...

    I want to encourage my daughter's kindness and compassion as much as possible, but I honestly shudder when she finds another animal that needs our 'help' as each time I fear that we will be responsible for it's death...
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