kids decided they were going to help a broody hen


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Sep 9, 2010
I've got a broody hen. I'm trying to break her habit. I told my daughter (whose 9) and my nephew (whose 7) and my son (whose 5) that when they see her in the nest box they need to pick her up and take her out outside the coop and see if they can get her to eat. Basically just get her out of the box. Well, my Grannie just called. She said the kids decided instead of taking her out of the box they want baby chicks so they gathered all the eggs and put them under her!!! What to do? Will the hen stay on there the entire time? I'm not opposed to having one (out of 19) going broody, but what if another one gets the "fever." and what happens if she doesn't stay on the eggs? dang it. why can't the kids just be happy with the chicks we have (bought from a breeder)????
Well - they are curious I suppose. I assume the eggs are fertile?

How many is "all" the eggs, and do you want that many more chickens. If I were you, I would offer to allow the hen to sit on four or five eggs. Let the kids number them clearly with a marker and make sure those are the only eggs under her.

She will need to be sectioned off from the other hens or taken someplace else that is quiet with her own food and water so she can sit in peace for the next 21-23 days. Explain to all the kids about lock down by day 18 until the babies show themselves - that means nobody bothers the hen at all during that time and no peeking under her or they could shrink wrap and kill babies.

...or lay down the law and say no more chickens

...or let them know if they hatch more babies, some of the older chickens will need to go

It's up to you.

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