"Kids" just moved into new coop - couple of questions

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  1. JenNY99

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    Jan 31, 2011
    We finished (structurally) the coop on Saturday. We still have to do the trim and other cosmetics and build the nest boxes, but since they are 10 weeks (BO's) and 7 weeks (Brahmas) we have some time. So we moved them in to their 8' x 10' (7' high) coop that we built. Of course, we got horrible rain and discovered a leak after everything was set up - **sigh** - but since it was along one wall - between 2 pieces of texture 111 - we left them in.

    At any rate, we went to check on them after dark and found 9 of them huddled in a corner together and 1 in each window. We picked them up and put them on their roosts. The BO's seemed to stay their pretty comfortably, but the Brahmas wanted NOTHING to do with the roosts. The minute they were set on the roost, they leaped off. We have one roost about 18" off the ground and then one above that at about 2' higher. We checked last night and the Brahmas were laying together on the floor. Should we keep persisting and trying to get the Brahmas to use the roosts or let everyone figure it out for themselves?

    Next question: We are using the deep litter method. The floor of the coop is treated plywood and the coop sits about 12" above the ground. How important or essential is it to use DE?

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    Apr 13, 2011
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    My chicks are a bit over 7 weeks old and have been in their coop for a few weeks. When they go into the coop to go to sleep they all go into a corner and huddle. None of them goes on the roosts and I am suspecting that they are too young. They have no problem going on the roosts because I always find them there in the morning but I believe that they sleep the night ion a huddle in the corner. I would be interested in someone else had some more info.
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    It often takes chicks time to start using the roost. They'll generally start by "playing" on the roosts during the day, then eventually they'll begin using them at night. It doesn't hurt to put them on the roosts after darkfall; just don't be discouraged if it takes them a while. They will get it eventually, maybe by the time they're the BOs age [​IMG]
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    Mine have all wound up on the roost eventually, and I've never bothered to try to train them. As long as they don't sleep in nest boxes, I don't worry about it. I've blocked off a nest box or two, though.

    On DE, not everyone uses it by any means. I have a box I've used for years that I bought for a garden pesticide; I won't replace it. There are other products. Pelletized lime works great for moisture and flies, and is a whole lot cheaper. For lice/mites prevention I prefer pyrethrin/permethrin dust or spray. If I ever see an infestation (I've never seen any of them) I'd use Sevin.

  5. Fred's Hens

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    As the chicks mature, they'll figure out the roosts. I have no idea why, but my ISAs were the slowest to go to roost, with the Barred Rocks being the fastest. Go figure.

    I do use DE only because I got a steal on it when a hardware store was closing and did a sell out. I'd be hard pressed to pay what is normally charged for it. There are organic and safe products that are likely more effective. I'll plug JohnnySeeds here. Check out their products.

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