Kids locked a chicken out (update Happy ENDING!!)


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Aug 20, 2011
UGH, I went out on a date with DH tonight and when I got home found out that my boys (15 and 12) had done me a favor. Apparently they heard thunder and got worried about our free ranging chickens. So they ran outside rounded up 7 of the 8 and shut their pen door so they were safe. They then went in the house and forgot about it until I got home at 9:00pm. Well you know how this story goes. It's dark and I cannot find her anywhere. She is my favorite she loves me and gives me a beautiful egg every single day, my only RIR. I feel terrible for her. My boys are so upset at themselves and we have coyotes everywhere. I am now getting up at dawn and praying that I find her out there waiting for me. Just had to vent to others who can understand my pain. :(
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Yep my youngest cried himself to sleep and I feel terrible about that too. I am grateful that they thought about keeping them safe I just cannot figure out why they didn't call me to verify that this was what they should do. Guess we all get to learn this lesson the tough way.
I forgot a hen outside once.Shoot,one time in the summer I even left the shed door WIDE open. We all make mistakes.Hope you find her.
HAPPY ENDING!! My neighbor just called and she apparently went visiting and decided she needed to see into their garage. I think it started to thunder and rain and she ran to the nearest shelter. Well they ran out and shut their garage door to the rain and there she stayed all night long. They just found her (and her poo) in their garage and let her out. She is now happily sitting on her nesting box giving me one of her beautiful brown eggs. So glad she is ok and not hurt and that my kids got to learn this lesson with it having a happy ending.
Thank you all for your understanding of my pain and JOY!!!

Tracy in WA
Oh what a scary thing to happen!! But what fantastic news!! Im so glad you found her safe!! What a lucky little lady to have a careing Momma like you!

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