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    Well need some inputs from you all!

    I've got a daughter that loves to pack her lunch however she is not very neat in a hurry, throwing everything in the insulated bag and by the time she gets it home, opening the bag leaves a mess and smelly to boot. I did try to wash it but it was a failure because nothing inside would dry out and stinks. I won't be buying those insulated bags anymore (canvas outside layer). She loves Hello Kitty but now into other things.

    I often wondered if Tupperware or similiar lunch boxes would suffice. I used to remember having those tin boxes, old thermos (be careful if you drop it, it would shatter) and some schools outlaw it for their own ridiculous reasons (as a weapon, even a pencil is a weapon too!). Those tin boxes are making a comeback but not too useful in washing it out because the hinges can rust. Unless any of you don't have any problems with it.

    I will NOT buy insulated bags that made of the same material as backpacks. Handy they are but not good for real messy jobs. Dirties easily too!

    What do you all like? DD is seven and going into second grade this year.
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    I don't think it matters. Little kids are slobs for many years. Somebody told me once, "that's why they have parents. For 18 years (or so...)".

    Helping out at the grade school, its pretty shocking how little the kids understand about their own food, they don't have the attention span to manage that kind of organization, in fact they usually pick at whatever's in front of them, even if its not theirs.

    So, I advocate getting and doing whatever makes YOU happy. They have us for 18 years, but it feels more like 18 minutes. Get whatever you want to deal with, and ENJOY it while you can! [​IMG]
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    I have an eight year old daughter going into third grade, and a six year old daughter going into first grade. My eight year old carries her lunch, so I understand about a nasty lunchbox. I am firm believer in the saying "You get what you pay for" when it comes to items like this. When my oldest started kindergarten, I ordered her backpack and lunchbox from L.L. Bean. The backpack was about $50 and still looks great. I paid to have a cat embroidered on it and have told her she will carry it until it falls apart- and at this rate, she may not need a new one until college. The lunchbox, about $25, got dirty on the outside, but cleaned up well with some soap and a toothbrush and a little elbow grease. The inside is a little beat up, but not badly, and it doesn't smell. (I empty the lunchboxes after school every day, wipe them out if needed, and leave them open all night on the counter.) I am happy with it, and maybe $25 for a lunch box seems a little steep to some people, but again, spend $9.99 on a lunch box and you're going to get $9.99 out of it and not a penny more.

    I don't think you can go wrong with Tupperware, but they sell mostly the plasticware sets sans lunchbox. You'll still have to have something to put the Tupperware into, kwim? They do have a lunchbox set, but the actual box is the insulated stuff, and you say you don't want that. Short of a brown paper bag, I'm not sure you're going to be able to find much else, unless you want to start spending real money on bento box sets.
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    First off what are the contents packed in? Does everything have it's own container which then goes into the lunch bag? Plastic bags don't count. Regardless of the commercials they don't zip back easily.everything should have an easily closable container, that is easy for her not you. Second are you cleaning out the lunch box everyday when she comes home. If so this is another mistake. It's her lunch box so she cleans it. That will help instill the need to put things back in properly. All the fussing in the world won't do as much as her having to clean it or other kids picking on her that she has a smelly dirty lunch box. We used and still do the insulated canvas bags for over 20 years now. My two kids carried their lunch since they were 3 and 1.5 years old. They are now 20 and 16. They (the lunch bags) can go in the washing machine if necessary but hang out to dry. They have also use brown paper bags and the plastic grocery bags at times too. One of my favorites had a plastic liner that zipped into the lunch bag. Didn't always catch the spills but did get most of them. Just if the inside get wet be sure to take it out and let it dry and every week or so take the liner part out to let it air and maybe give it a Lysol spray.
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    my lunches were always in a box. more stable than a bag, and easier to clean if something leaks. tupperwear or cheap version of it will do, or you can get plastic luch boxes with cartoons etc on too.
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    I say just use the brown paper bag till it wears out then get another lol
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    the problems I do have with her, leaking jellies, dressings, and dips, those are the worst ones! However the kids LOVE her lunch than theirs LOL!

    She wanted another bag when we went out to shop for supplies, so I figured, let her enjoy her moments but I will figure out what to put into it that wont leak. Too bad most companies dont get it about the leaking stuff. She said half an hour is not enough time for her to eat so she would throw everything in the bag nilly willy, half eaten items, containers half open, etc.

    Maybe its time for some dry but nutrionist foods. She likes her raw carrots and broccoli with ranch dressing LOL! She likes the brown paper bag deal because she can throw it away, including the uneaten items.
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    we use the same kind of lunch bags. i have them put anything liquidy into tuppewear then they put it in their bags. also how are you cleaning it? by hand? or washing machine? if their smelly a spray them down with white vinager then throw them in the washing machine. vinager may be strong when spraying it but you'll never know you used it after it comes out of the wash.

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