Kids should have chickens

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    Jul 7, 2013
    Writing this, I am only fourteen years old. I decided I wanted chickens when I read what good fertilizer they would make for my garden that was a tribute to my grandmother. I got my first chicks in June of 2013. My mom was less than thrilled. It was my dad that had agreed to let me get the chicks. Immediately, I was thrown into a world of responsibility I had not yet experienced. The babies needed to be checked on five times a day. I alone was responsible for them. It helped that my parents had never had chickens before. I knew my stuff and had done my research. They couldn't really tell me what I needed to do for the chicks. I had to understand my responsibilities and fulfill them without reminders. Also, I did a lot of work to build the coop with my dad. Because we ended up with six roosters to two hens, I had to make the decision to slaughter the roosters for meat. I couldn't just pawn them off on someone else because I had raised them myself and had a responsibility to see their lives through to the end. I alone clean the coop and feed and water the girls. At one point I also had to medicate the flock as well. Every morning I'm out there before school and watering the birds in below freezing temperatures. Rain, shine, snow, hail, in sickness and in health I am the only thing keeping those birds alive. It has taught me a lot about the circle of life, responsibility and also economics. I think every kid should have the same opportunity to learn this valuable lesson. I really appreciate my parents trusting me on this because if they had constantly nagged me about them, I probably would have given up a long time ago.
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    I absolutely agree with you 100%. I also admire your devotion. I started out the same way you did, years ago. It was a father-son thing in my case, but I was responsible for the care of the chickens, totally. It's a messed up world we live in and we definitely need the current and future generations to learn from experiences such as these the way you have. I was and still am pretty much alone with the chicken project, but it's all worth it to me. Keep going with stuff like this. It builds character. Judging by your post, it sounds like you've gotten some out of it. Keep up the good work.[​IMG]
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    Good on you for going ahead and raising these chooks by yourself it's a big responsibility, but also an extremely fun one :). I totally agree that every child should have the opportunity to keep chicks, they not only teach responsibility but are great fun and also teach children the full life cycle.

    My eldest is now 10yrs old and does the majority of our chicken care taking. She lets them out every morning, feeds waters and plays with them. We had a week of 45 degree Celsius temps here in Australia recently and she made sure each of our chickens and ducks were kept cool by spraying them with water every hr and feeding them frozen treats. She is always the first to let us know if one of the girls is not quite right. Along with her 2 siblings they also collect bugs to feed straight to the girls. She does all this without reminders she absolutely loves it.

    Continue on with the great work you are doing - bet your parents are proud :) And enjoy your chickens :D
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    Chickens are great responsibilities for kids. It teaches them to be careful and that you need to help them survive.

    Kids Should Have chickens!

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    I couldn't agree more! Not only are chickens responsibility, but they get you off to a good start in the world in understanding compassion for all living things, patience, and helps you to understand yourself better. When ever you give of yourself, with unconditional love, you expand your entire world. You learn things learn things that only keeping living creatures can offer you, and I believe that keeping pets at a young age will make your journey in life quite large and rewarding. [​IMG]

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