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It’s actually quite good! But not by itself. Do not eat it straight from the jar. You have to put just a little bit on the sandwich and have the right ratio of peanut butter to fluff.
No, you just put a dollop on your hot cocoa or use it to make marshmallow frosting which goes good on Red Velvet Cake.


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And thank you for the encouragement. It will be all right I think. It just kinda scares me though...what if I cant handle it and fail?
*takes off funny hat*
Nursing school doesn't define you. I couldn't handle my school last semester and look what happened... nothing. I am working on my mental and physical health more than I ever have before. Do I wish I was further ahead? Yea, obviously, but the what-ifs will kill you. You can't fail if you don't stop moving forward.
Whether you end up a nurse, a vet, a stay-at-home mom, or the president of the US—it will not define YOU, and YOU would still have meaning and substance in a world where you're not a nurse.
That's not to say you can't do it; I 110% believe you can. Even without the grades or the academic ability, you can reach the stars with some good networking abilities and a hard head.
One of my former bosses was a 50-something year old woman that had worked as a vet tech for 30 years before she managed to go back to vet school. Didn't have the grades or the fancy honour's titles, but she worked her tail off and I got to assist with her first ever enucleation surgery! Such a wonderful woman with a real passion for animals and people. I think about her a lot.
Anyway, I'm in the same boat, so don't feel so alone. The pressure we put on ourselves can be very powerful and motivating, but it can also set us up for inevitable failure. You're gonna do great, but I don't have to tell you that.. YOU have to believe it. 😊 Hang in there.
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