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Aug 8, 2019
caught in 'Denton vortex', Tx
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Be sure to duck when you go through a doorway!
Might need a longer bed, too, unless you want to be fixing it every morning....
Hehehehe everyone I have known who have had the 'hawk do would wet it for the night so as not to damage or "gawd forbid" break it in bed or 'sleeping'.


Blind Doggie Blues AGAIN
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Aug 17, 2018
southern indiana
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May I ask for you to consider a go at it in the near future.... Dare I also assume you'd have an equally beneficial accessory, leather jacket to go with that as well?
Of course!!!! 🤣 the one I got for ds is more appropriate but I have a very high end joe rocket motorcycle jacket with all the included body armor!!! 🤣🤣🤣


Feb 26, 2018
The North-Eastern Corner of Maryland
I had a "real metal Tonka" growing up... Still have a few of them in storage....
DS commandeered mine ... and my cement truck ... bu they're still around here, somewhere ... I wouldn't let him have my dump truck (I told him it was too rusty ... and he bought it!) He did get his own, though. That big bugger made more trips to the beach and back than I can count ... and it's still going in its' twenties!

The Moonshiner

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Nov 17, 2016
Sorry, I was doing a simple generalization when dealing with big tools and the well established history of skills from those in the "hillbilly" & "moonshining" cultures. Their fierce independence & mechanical Mcgyvering skills handed down are truly legendary. not to exclude the wisdom and knowledge of the natural world that is the ecosystem they live in. Mother Nature gets so much more respect from them then the "folks" that *generally* live around me...... Butidigress

On the price tag tangent I had been searching for over a year. I had missed out on several in the $750-$1800 "asking price" on Craigslist. Admittedly I was using some of the inheritance I got from Dad, which was not much (grumbles at the pain the ex-step mother created when he passed). My goal was around $1500.

When I finally found my "new to me truck" now 3 years ago. It was around $6500 asking price.... I got it for $55-5600 iirc as it needed some work. Stuff I could do, and did. '99 F350 CC 7.3L 4wd with the 6spd manual. I was in the hunt for that for several years as well.

So with that I'll hope you see there was no disrespect intended dude.
No harm no foul and no disrespect taken.
I'm thicker skinned than that.
I've got skills but we don't really barter out here. If someone needs something and you can be of help you just help. And when you need something someone else helps you.
I thought about the whole barter thing because I remember people doing that like back in my grandparents day.
I think now days people here would see it as....oh you need to get something out of it to help out huh? That would get you a bad standing in the community I would think.
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