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Aug 3, 2013
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Just wanted to make sure you caught this.
See I am the innocent one.
Good morning All,

I don’t think there’s an innocent bone in either one of your bodies! 🤣

I guess even boars can be cute at that age. My brother is trying to convince me to get pigs. I have 1/8 acre that is wooded for them to stay cool in. He just wants the fat for his venison sausage. :)
May 2, 2020
Grasshopper, you have to eat to grow and evolve into a mature adult human being. The food isn't going to do jack-diddly-squat, let alone try to jump in your mouth & slide down into your stomach is it? So, it sitting on a shelf in the grocery store or out in the field isn't gonna help your brain or your body. Right?

That's "why".
(Rolls eyes) *That's* not the philosophy behind the phrase that is the Mighty Mighty Bostones album title, "Question the answers."
Weeell...I just wanted to make sure I knew exactly how to do it
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