Killed inside a locked coop!


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Jun 9, 2009
My flock has being living unscathed in their outhouse-turned-chickencoop for 3 years now. Yesterday I came home to find 2 dead hens in the run....their necks broken or bitten. Our run collapsed during a snowstorm this year, so I figured something got in through a space, although I couldn't really figure out where. I spent a good amount of time re-securing the run, and locked the surviving hen and rooster inside the coop for the night.

This morning when I went to let them out, I opened the door only to find the rooster dead inside! (Luckily my favorite hen is still living and now in a dog cage in our garage). His neck was bitten and there was blood smeared on the walls. My best guess is that something got under the outhouse and came through a 3-4 inch gap where the toilet seat used to be, and is now covered by a board. (Poorly covered, I know that now). But I don't know if whatever it is is in the ceiling or what?!!

I'm thinking it's a weasel, but I've read that weasels will kill them all and it did leave 1 hen untouched. Maybe a fisher cat? Whatever it was killed in the daytime and either at night or dawn and didn't rip their heads or eat any of it. Not sure if it took the crops but the kills were pretty clean. I saw some of the neck hanging out of the hen yesterday but I didn't look close enough to see if the crop was taken. Any guesses as to what it might be?

The other problem I have is that if I close this gap in the outhouse, I still don't know how anything got under it to begin with because the outhouse is on top of a concrete foundation. Any thoughts or suggestions???? Thanks!

PS I live in CT
I'm sorry about your chickens. I know it is so horrible when a predator finds a way in, they keep coming back. A weasel or mink would have the easiest time getting in, I guess. Maybe you can get a live trap and catch the culprit.
set up a motion camera to see what's coming around air night. Live in CT too and am just building our first coop. We have every predator you can imagine. we also have 4 dogs under 20 lbs. and I'm afraid tof putting them in danger.
My guess would be weasel. They don't necessarily kill them all at once, but will come back when they know where the food is. They don't need much of a space to get in.
How awful! I wouldn't leave the hen in the garage, if something found a way into your hen house it will likely find a way into the garage, I would keep her in the house, that's probably the safest place for her.

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