KILLed SOMETHING...3 roosters


11 Years
Jun 3, 2008
upper peninsula



I have been up since 0730. I have been ready since 0830. My husband, on the other hand

we were supposed to do this together. Now I am

It is 1:00pm. I dont feel like it now.
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WOW! How I feel you! My SO is the same way.
Then I turn like you. Dont want to do it anymore.
Send him to do whatever it is by himself!
Read this with me doing my best Bill Clinton

"I feel your pain"

I really love my DW, but, I am a planner and doer and she is a things will get done but the time and date for that are unknown, until she looks around and says ok I really need to get "x" done, and then she roars like a house a fire.
Our problem is NOT TALKING. We (read HE) do not talk about things because we have such differing opinions. We just figure we will each get our way. AND WE DONT, because then we fight. Example:
ME I have all the chickens separated
ME They cant eat
ME Everything is ready
ME I just fed the rooster 12cc's of beer
ME I just tried to fit the rooster into the cone and he wont fit so we will have to cut off the head
HIM you know I have to go with the bear guy and show him his spot. Dont kill any, wait til I get home.
ME I will wait
HIM We were supposed to do this tomorrow
ME I do not want to do this tomorrow, then we will have to go back to work Monday, we do not know how long this is going to take, we have never did this before
HIM I Helped kill chickens when I was a kid, we just chopped there heads off and let them go
ME You know I do not want to do that
HIM well that is how we did when I was a kid
Long wait pause while hot words pass and tempers flare.
HIM I am sorry
ME Just because you did it that way when you were a kid, does not mean it was the right way. Besides those were not our chickens and it was not us killing them. I have taken care of these chickens all summer......I would like to think you would at least consider what I want to do here.
HIM We will kill them when I get back (he leaves)
Forget it, I just let them out of the coop. I am not starting this late in the day. Next weekend

Yes I know "cut my nose off to spite my face"
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Well, I was talked into it. We killed 3 roosters. I am very disappointed in the size. They only weighed around 3# each, if that. Exactly when should you butcher Buff Orpingtons? I am pretty sure the backgrounds of these birds is 8-12#. Is that at a year of age?
I did three roosters that I had, and they all came out to be that same size.. and mine were 17 weeks old.

They really stopped growing to much after they hit about 14 weeks.

I couldnt imagine them getting much bigger.
Not really happy about the size. All the literature we had read on this breed said they get to be eight to twelve pounds. What is up with that. We are lucky if we got two pounds. Well they will live to see a few more weeks anyway. At least until the snow has been on the ground for a few weeks.

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