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    I just came in from my rounds of checking on the chickens. I'd say egg collecting but I hadn't gotten a single egg in two months. I went in the Araucana coop and my one little hen was in the nest box. She was standing really funny and breathing very heavily. I saw an egg in the box, so I was first thrilled with the egg, but then worried that something was wrong with her. I said "Oh little hen are you ok" over and over, and I'm starting to get worried. Then all of a sudden I heard a tiny little "thud". She popped out a little egg right in front of me, hops out of the nest box and goes on her merry little way. It's the very first egg she has ever laid, for me at least. There I was worrying over nothing. So anyway, I got three eggs today. Here they are, aren't they pretty.
    Oh and the brown egg is a buff orpington egg.
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    [​IMG] I love a happy ending.
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    Those are beautifull!! Congrats on the eggs! Sounds like they are gearing up, to have great laying.
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    I'm thinking the warmer weather we are having right now is helping! I'm just glad to have something to collect again after all this time. [​IMG]
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    All 3 are beautiful! Nice that they are different colors! What a pretty assortment!
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    Awww...those are awesome eggs! I remember well the thrill of watching my girls lay after no laying or for the first time EVER! I kept checking for eggs in the nest boxes without luck. Then one glorious day I saw ONE tiny teeny brown egg and you'd think it was GOLD! I ran in the house yelling and everyone jumped.

    It was the moment...I guess. [​IMG]

    Later, I was SO embarrassed! They were amused....they'd never heard a Mexican "Yipee!" [​IMG]

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing and bringing that fond memory back! Don't forget to thank them! [​IMG]

    Pedro [​IMG]
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