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    Yesterday I was picking up some chickens from friend in the next town and I noticed that she was feeding her chickens these small pellets. I mean, SMALL, pellets (1/8"). Turns out it is made by these folks

    Anyone feeding this to their flock? I'm probably gonna try it when it's time to change from medicated starter to laying pellets. It sounds like good stuff.

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  2. SJB1212

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    Sep 12, 2014
    Hi Susan

    You were probably seeing our Pro Am Show n Grow product. This is used extensively by show breeders since it is formulated with white corn (doesn't stain the feathers or skin) and the small pellet size was specifically designed in conjunction with the Bantam Breeders Association. It does come in a layer formula and is enhanced with pre a probiotics. They also produce a very nice GMO/Soy/Corn free product, Freedom. This has additional enhancements like diatomaceous earth and omega 3/6's - it comes in a crumble and a pellet (this pellet is larger though than the Pro AM).
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    I like King Feed. Switched to it from Purina.

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