King Rocky the 1st

Little Peep

7 Years
This is a sad storie of how my beloved Silver duckwing died. it was just like every other day i was doing my school than i saw Lucky run past the door. it wasen't long befor Hannah was running out to get Lucky she put him back in the pen. Hoping there were none dead we looked around and saw the first dead one Buzz Cut Hannah was so upset. she burst into tear's and ran into the house P.S( that Miskas way of killing
) it's sad but it's the truth. then i looked and saw Scratch oh, no i thought to my self. then we kept looking on my way to the feild I started crying. then i saw sam he came running up and sead......Rocky's D-E-A-D I ran half way and stopped. as i saw mom Carrying Rocky on the burn pile.i will never forget what that Dog did.i will probly NEVER! like dog's again unless there NOT Chicken killer's.
oh and the
Devil Dog that killed it was named Lucky i soo hate that Moron Mutt!
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