King Rocky the1st

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  1. The Devil Dog that Killed him wasLucky.. I CURS HIS NAME 4 EVER


    It was a Cold September I was doing my School then i herd somthing run past the door i went out side the door. so I went outside and there was a Dog Chasing Rita I cought and Scolded the Dog for His bad Behavior. then I went inside and told Mom what happened Hannah Charged out the door. You see This dog is a Hound and we all know what hound's are breed for and that is for Killing Poultry. Well if That Dog kill's another Chicken I will
    Kill him!
    He will not just get away with that! EVER! Hannah went passed Miska and steped on a
    She screamed and stared crying. BUZZCUT!!! she screamed! She knew if one was dead then many more were dead.. so she went look fo more dead bodie's so she went crying to find the rest the next was scratch. and then ROCKY!!!!!!!!!! NO THERE HAS TO BE A MISTAKE!!! PLEASE DON'T TELL ME HE'S DEAD.But it was him he had that soft comb and pretty little eye's and nice beek that was my boy and if it make's you cry i am sorry but i am Crying right now.
    Please leave Replise.

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    Sep 27, 2012
    poor King Rocky the 1st! Sorry for you loss.

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