King snake? How do I care for him? ADVICE NEEDED!!!*pic*

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    Found this little guy in my pool, and want to keep him for about a week to study him. How do I set up a tank? WHat species is he? WHat do i feed him?


    I was thinking a few inches of soil on one side with 1/3 of the tank being water since he seems to enjoy being in it. Weeds and plants for cover, but other than that - what do i do? Ive never had reptiles ( besides my sisters bearded dragon ) so im unsure how to care for him.

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    Just get a tank with an undertank heat pad on one side. screen cover with clips. A hide box on the hot side and the cold side. A water dish big enough for the snake to fit in. Newspaper or paper towels for substrate. He most likely won't eat for you because of the stress of being captured and stuck in a glass box. If you are only going to keep him for a week. then i wouldnt worry about feeding him.
    Kingsnakes eat other snakes, small rodents, small birds, and small lizards.
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    you got it, its definately a kingsnake.

    You don't need anything like a 'naturalistic' habitat for him if you are only keeping him for a week...BUT if you want to make him feel more comfortable I would suggest sand or wood chips as a bedding, a small water bowl big enough for him to get in, a box cut down low (about 2X his height or if he's very small say 3" tall) with a hole cut in 1 or 2 sides of it, this will act as his hide box which is a cramped dark 'safe' place for him to hide. Temp should be safe at 80- 85 degrees on one side (one side should be hotter one should be colder so hot side would be about 80 85 and otherside should be atleast 5-10 degrees cooler - if you don't have an underside heater use a light (wattage depends on size of cage and airflow/location so just keep an eye on temps)

    honestly keeping him captive for a week will be stressful - I would doubt he'd eat but kingsnakes are known to be very adaptable and easily tamed to captive situations more so than other wild species to my knowledge... lizards, frogs, snakes, and mice are what kingsnakes usually eat in the wild.

    I must warn you if he gets too cold and/or too stressed out he's liable to get sick and die...Snakes are hard to tell the signs of stress on until you find them dead one day [​IMG] so I want to warn you if he gets unduly stressed (and could be nothing you actually did other than him not being a good canidate for even short term captivity) he could die on you in the week you plan to keep him.

    If he travels around the cage alot back and forth up and down and around for more than a couple hours in one time, or is exceptionally active/agitated off and on often in a single day I would suggest you go ahead and release him as he is showing signs of stress and may just wind up stressing himself to death by the excessive energy usage and strain.

    Good luck with him and I hope you learn something from him and he gets released whole and healthy! [​IMG]
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    Check out
    It is a reptile site with forums (like this) that you can either read up on them or ask questions about them.

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