King Suro 20 incubator vs Brinsea octagon 20EX

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    I am looking into purchasing a fully automatic incubator. The King Suro 20 and the Brinsea Octagon 20EX seem alike in most ways-auto egg turning, temp control, humidity control. Anyone have experience with either of these incubators? What do you think would be the better purchase? I am wanting the automatic humidity pump because I am having trouble maintaing the higher humidity for turkey eggs in my wooden cabinet incubator.
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    hi Laura!

    I have the Brinsea 20 Advance and I love it! It is rocksolid in maintaining my temps & humidity. I'm sure I'd love the Ex even more, but $$ was a factor for me.

    Good luck!
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    I can not speak for the King Suro, but I do have Octagon 20 Advance and love the ease of incubating. Clean and disinfect, get the eggs loaded snug, fill up the water, set the temp and humidty and then all I have to do is remember the lockdown date and candle. Simple enough. It appears from the pictures that the King Suro has more window veiw than the Octagon 20 which would be a plus.

    I have no complaints on the Octagon 20 advance though, temps and humidty, are stable with in 5 mins or less. I have hatched 4 batches of chickens, 1 set of turkeys, and am currently incubating 16 runner duck eggs. I have used it pretty much non-stop since I bought it.

    I hope some others with the King Suro speak up, as if it works on par with the Brinsea, I could appreciate the larger viewing space.

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