Kissing the hurt away can have a lifetime affect

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    wow...I am crying!!

    Its the little things that matter, thanks for reminding me!! [​IMG]
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    I watch a little girl who will be 2 in December. I have had her here with me since she was just about 5 weeks old. I had a little scrape on the end of my nose and yesterday she said to me "Mommy, boo boo?" I said yes it's a boo boo. Without another word, she climbed up in my lap, took my face in her little hands and kissed the end of my nose [​IMG] With that being said, she doesn't have a mother who loves and cares for her, her mother had never had any motherly feeling toward her. it is very sad, but I am the closest thing she has to a real mommy. With 2 kids of my own, I have been kissing boo boos for 9 years. It was just very touching to see that reflected back from someone so tiny.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]:hit

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