Kit Coop Mod - added ventilation in door

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    Jun 22, 2016
    Silicon Valley Area, CA
    So it has been pretty warm out and we didn't feel like our coop had enough ventilation with the one teeny sliding "window". Also the chicks are afraid of the dark and needed more light in the coop so they could find their way more easily.

    So I took off the pre-made door and made a whole new door with a screen and a hinged panel that closes.

    It seems to be working because after I did this, they go up and down from the coop during the day more often to investigate it.

    Yes unfortunately wishing we had got a different coop/run after-the-fact, but we are making it work!! Once our girls are free ranging in our fenced-in yard during the day it will be better! Still waiting for them to get a little bigger and to figure out how to return to coop at night by themselves.

    Just wanted to share this idea for any others who have purchased little coops that may need some modification.


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