Kitchen decor for "chicken lovers"


12 Years
Aug 7, 2007
Just wanted to share with those looking for chicken things to put in the kitchen. I make these custom order. I designed the chicken girl myself, so you won't find her elsewhere.

This little girl in bandana apron is available. I did her comb and wattle in bandana also.


This girl was custom for someone, and just got mailed yesterday.


I do others also, cow, horse, bunny, cat and a girl. Working on a design for a dog. If interested, please email me off list at [email protected]. I charge $22.50 including the shipping or $40.00 for two. Please allow a couple of weeks for me to make them up. As I shop and get the fabric when they are ordered so I can match to your decor.

Thanks for looking.
YAH! The 2nd one is mine!
Connie did an awesome job finding just the right fabric to match my kitchen pattern and it looks awesome! I can't wait to get her! I think she's darling!

Thanks again Connie!
Thank you Ashley! I really appreciate the positive input. I enjoyed matching the fabrics for you. Funny, the lady at the fabric shop said she did not have anything "garden". I found the fabric hidden in some of her bolts. But thought it matched up great to your decor!

Let me know when you get her!

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