Kitten name suggestions? *MORE PICS*

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    I'm having a hard time deciding on names for the two little kittens I'll be picking up from a friend next week,

    right now, she's named them Luna and Boo, but I want to change thier names.I haven't even been able to meet them yet [​IMG]

    This is "Luna", from what Casey says she's got a bit of an attitude, and is quite a loner, she'll play with her sister, but would rather play alone.

    and this is "Boo", Casey said she's the cuddler, and loves to play with feet, in this pic she's worn out after playing with a cotton ball lol

    Casey found them a couple of days ago under a dumpster where she works, she brought them home, called me and asked if i'd want them, and cleaned them up lol

    originally I was thinking of the names Paint, and Emry, Paint for the calico and Emry for the Torti, but I'm not overly fond of giving animals "used" names, and I had a little wild torti girl outside who I'd been calling "Paint", but she passed away .

    I'm still drawn to the name Emry for one of them, because I think it sounds pretty, but if anyone can think of any better names that suit their looks or personalities let me know!
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    Super cute kittens!

    I like "Diva" for Luna.

    Boo - maybe something to do with feet - "Toes" just drawing a blank on her
  3. ChickenfootDuckbutt

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    I had a kitty some years ago named "Seven-toes", she was a pretty polydactle(sp?) torti, a sweetheart of a one-person cat who took to only me, we always joked that she was counting, from right to left, back to from, her toes were 4 on the right back, 5 on the left back, 6 on the right front, and 7 toes on her left front paw, that's how she got her name.

    I wish to this day that i still had her [​IMG] my mom went through a...crazy stage one year and got rid of abunch of our cats because she had a dream supposedly that they were trying to kill her(YES my mother is on heavy, heavy meds) seven-toes was among the cats, i never knew she had gotten rid of her until it was too late as i was away visiting a friend.

    Luna does look like a little dive, but I'm not quite sure it'd fit her, as Casey said she's anything BUT prissy lol.
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    Pick something you like. I have rescued and raised 5 litters of kittens and all had names that I wanted. Our one group was named LMNO, Lillee, Maisee, Nancy (she had boots on her back feet) and Ozzy. The 2 groups we got a year ago, 6 were named for CATS, and 4 were named for Schindler's List survivors (inside joke). Do they had any characteristics that your like about them, or any unusual markings?

    We named a Torti we had Yoda, because I swear she looked like him when she was a kitten, we also had Torti/Calico named Cockroach, just because of her coloring and she always slinked around.
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  5. ChickenfootDuckbutt

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    I have not yet met the kittens, I just know what little about them from the texts Casey sends me, she says she's in love with them but cannot keep them because of her dog.

    I still love the name Paint, but I have never ever had an animal with a shared name, I had two cats years apart both named Skylar and skyler, because they both had identical sky blue eyes, though they weren't related and they were different genders/colors, Skylar came arounf about 3 years before Skyler lol, I just don't like doing that, my mom had two or three cats growing up named garfield, and I just think a name is a special thing. anyway

    I'm still drawn to Paint, and Emry, but there again I don't know if i could use the name Paint again so soon.

    Paint would be for the calico if i did, if not that then it may be Emry for the cali and Boo for the torti, I called them Emry and Boo today and kinda liked the sound of it.

    I don't really do theme names, though i did have a litter of kittens with all pokemon names when i was younger.

    I'm not good at thinking up names, I like unique names, not something you hear every day. but Paint, Emry and Boo are the three names that stick out the most to me.
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    Apr 28, 2010
  7. animalpro24

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    Okay: Luna can be cow
    and boo can be wolf. Just kidding! but I do like cow Lol!

    Pick your favorite tv show/movie and pick your favorite character in it or just someone in it and name them after that character!

    Names for "luna":

    Names for "Boo":
    cotton *:]
  8. FarmCoe

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    The first one looks like an Oreo, to me [​IMG]
  9. ChickenfootDuckbutt

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    I think, against my better judgement, I'm going to go with Paint, and Emry, Paint the calico and Emry the torti. I've had two dreams one last night, and one the night before, where the two kittens were fully grown and their names were paint and Emry, so I will take that as a sign that, that is what they're names are supposed to be.

    I don't think the former Paint will mind too much, she didn't even really like me LOL

    more pics coming soon!
  10. ChickenfootDuckbutt

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    PICS as promised!

    These pics are from yesterday, Casey took them outside to play for a bit and get them away from her dogs prying eyes...the eyes...those horrible eyes... [​IMG]


    BOO!/AKA Little Emry!
    "what joo lookin' at laydee?"

    LUNA!/aka newly named Paint, looking at her face you can tell why I was drawn to that name
    "shh, I r is sleepin' in ur lapz"

    Paint and Emry
    Paint: "HI BIRDIE! HIIIIII!" not interested....
    (Casey said Paint actually had seen a bird in that pic)

    she's also told me she found a third kitten last night, an orange and white one that is very sick [​IMG], she found it laying in a box IN the dumpster [​IMG], and only found it cause she heard the pitiful mewling, she's not sure it's gonna live, but is taking it to the vet today.

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