Kitten poo, normal, suddenly runny?

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  1. SO I have this kitten, named Harren, who I bottle fed along with her sister since they were 2 weeks old, and her sister has since found a home, but I've decided to keep Harren. she is now about 10 1/2 weeks old.

    anyways, she was raised on RAW diet, so that she wouldb't have issues eating with my other two indoor cats, who are also fed RAW.

    she's been to the vet, and checked out A-ok, he was surpised that she WAS so healthy being bottle fed, he said they usually have immune system issues.

    so because she eats RAW, and RAW fed kitties only poo maybe once or twice every couple days (this is normal, look it up xD), because their bodies spend more time digesting.

    couple days ago, I noticed that what little she poo'd, it was runny, not bloody and no mucus just runny, but black like it's supposed to be.

    but she has not been constantly going to the litter box like she's sick or has an upset belly.

    infact she's only poo'd three times since I noticed this.

    And tomorrow she needs a bath because she's got dried poo in her tail fur [​IMG]

    I thought of something, the other day I put some cooked brown rice in the cats beef/turkey mixture, and they've been eating that for the past couple days.

    she's been fed everything from chicken to rabbit since she started weaning at 7 weeks, and even stole a half-eaten mouse one of the other cats caught the other day and gladly finished it off.

    I am thinking that the rice may be causin her to have runny poo, even though they ate the last of that mixture yesterday morning.

    can rice do that, or is there something else

    note that the other two older cats are fine, their poos are fine.

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    Does she have worms? I only ask because you say she has been helping the older cats finish off mice...

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