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Mar 7, 2010
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Has anyone ever used kitty litter instead of shavings or paper towel? Had a friend tell me to use it in the rabbit pans and I was thinking it might be good for the new chicks and ducks I am getting in March IF it wouldn't be harmful. Just thought that they might try and eat it and that wouldn't be good. Thought it would save some on the clean up but maybe not a good idea. Right?
THANKS. that is what I thought after I thought my idea through. I would never use something that would hurt them so kitty litter is for the cats and rabbit pans. THANKS again.
Actually kitty litter can be used. I have used it before. It just shouldn't be used for the first couple days. Newborn chicks like to peck at everything they see. So even pine shavings when they are first born are dangerous and only paper towels should be used. However after the first week kitty litter can be used. They'll peck at it at first and realize its not food and then they'll leave it alone.
There are a lot of different sorts of kitty litter and good reasons not to use most of them. Probably best to just stick with the tried and true option of paper towels and shavings. =)
Thanks for the replies. I won't be using kitty litter on the chicks or ducks. I did however decide to use the litter for the rabbits. Keeps the smell down and easy to clean their pans. Will stick to either straw of shavings for the little fuzzy buts when they get here and are old enough to use shavings. Thanks so much for taking the time to inform me of the dos and don'ts. Appreciate your input.
I was told to not use kitty litter for rabbits. I only have one and he is a drawf rex. It was something to do with them possibly eating it. I use a paper based litter for mine. There are several different ones available. Never heard of using kitty litter in a coop. I used sand during the summer when it was really hot and then cleaned it out in fall and use aspen wood chips for winter. This is the first winter I have had chickens though and the coop is only 4 x 4.
I have my rabbits in wire cages and the pans are underneath the cages so they are not in contact with the litter. Helps with the smell while they are in the house. Most people have their rabbits outside but I am one of the weird ones that don't want my first litters born out in the cold and am tired of their water bottles freezing and no access to water at night. WHY can't someone come up with heated water bottles for rabbits like they have for the chickens? It would help SO much. I was just trying to find some way to take the smell out of the house so another rabbit breeder told me to use the litter in the pan and it really does work.
Ok got it now. Glad the litter is working for you. My rabbit is inside also but he is trained to use a litter box in his cage. That is what I thought you were doing. Would using a insulated bottle wrap help any with the freezing for outisde? Just a thought to maybe try. It has been awhile since I lived where it is cold. Originally from Michigan but married a soldier so now home is where the Army decides to send us (at least for a couple more years).

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