KK's first time in the ring as a Special

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    Jul 8, 2009
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    Today was a historic and momentous day in my life as a breeder, and Katie’s show career. My first time in the ring with a Special that I bred and finished myself. She was as awesome as a puppy her age can be. Stood perfectly for exam. Gaited nicely. And looked as gorgeous as only she can.

    However, she is still a 13 month old puppy. She felt the pressure. Or the lovely day. Or just decided that she is, after all, a 13 month old PUPPY, and played around at a critical time during judging. I set a foot. She moved it. I set it back. She moved 2 more. I could almost hear her giggling, and I could DEFINITELY see the twinkle in her eye. It made me smile. Then we went around the ring and she hopped around a little, in just her complete puppy joy at being alive. We got no ribbon. But what I took out of the ring with me, well…

    That’s worth a whole lot more than any ribbon.

    My BRED BY SPECIAL puppy. And after all. Tomorrow is another day. [​IMG]

    A few photos of us in the ring today…..




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    Congratulations on a great day with your girl! She's beautiful and it's awesome that you appreciated the experience, with or without the ribbon![​IMG]
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    Jan 17, 2011
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    Historic and momentous is so right! Hugs to you both on a very special day!


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    Very NICE bi-ch, she will get it. Just keep it fun in the ring..... Congratulations on your homebred, looks like judge liked what she saw. Nice gait. It's just the puppy in her got you today. Any majors yet? Where are you, and what do you need for bi-ches? What are her lines?
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    Quote:Katie has gotten nothing BUT majors! She is a champion already. Pretty cool, isn't it?

    There are lots of threads on here about her. We have all enjoyed watching her grow up into this wonderful champion.

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