Knee injury


Feb 21, 2018
i know this is for chickens but curious to know if anyone knows anything I’m desperate.
I’m a 17 year female. It started 4 years ago I was in a car wreck and hurt my knee doctors assumed I was thrown up and hit the dash. It didn’t hurt at first but then a couple hours later it hurt pretty bad, my mom made an appointment with a chiropractor who did X-rays and an MRI and saw nothing and six weeks of therapy which did nothing it finally stopped by itself hurting which lasted about six months having the occasional flare up. He said it was probably a severe sprain but it’s been 4 years. I would start crying when we left therapy and have to go back. When it started up hot and heavy again I made 6 trips to the ER all were sprains strains or tendinitis. Finally we took the referral to the orthopaedic surgeon who did X-rays which were clean an mri that he didn’t want to do but that only showed a fluid sac that he wouldnt touch bc he said the shot would probably do more damage then good and sent me back to therapy for six weeks. She said she bet that it chondramalacia patella and not tracking right but he said there was no evidence in that. He finally got to where he didn’t want to deal with me anymore and wanted me to go to pain management which I said no then he said he wanted me to get a second opinion. Outside of his clinic which I didnt do. I’ve been dealing with it for another year off and on it usually lasts a couple days then gets bette but it’s not the case this time and I’m tired of dealing with it. The pain is on the bottom lateral side of my left knee. I’ve had it on the inside before and the top, but right now it’s the lateral bottom. Minor swelling nothing significant. What’s weird is that it feels almost as if it’s moving which sounds crazy but my kneecap feels like it moves when I walk on it. Also it just started hurting again a week ago I was at practice and I wasn’t having problems before it would hurt a day or so and get better but I bent over and I had a really sharp pain go through and it’s just hurt since then no popping noise or anything when I bent even though I have popping and cracking all the time.Thank you so much!
Oh dear I'm so sorry! That sounds awful. You're such a brave girl. I'm also 17. I wish I could give you some advice to help but I know literally nothing about this I'm sorry. I hope your knee starts feeling better again soon and I'm sorry youre going through this pain. Hopefully someone else will be able to comment some advice.
Sending lots of love and hugs xx

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