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    Oct 24, 2010
    When I was in 11th grade I learned I did not like sewing and the sewing machine did not like me. ha Had to take half a semister of sewing back then and the teacher did pass me but I spent every study hall I had on sewing. From then on I taught myself to crochet and knit. Had my grandmother's learn how to book. The only thing I never learned to do with knitting is the PSSO stitch because that page was missing. [​IMG] I went through different stages. Made baby outfits, sweaters, dolls , blankets and now I am back to baby hat/bootie sets. I sell them at a craft store. Granted I don't sell many but it is just something I do while watching TV. I cannot stand to just sit and watch TV doing nothing. I have made many afghans for the cats since they came and they work perfect for keeping them warm and toasty in their tent beds.
    I also like to bake and I normally spend baking from October 30th-December 25. After that I do not bake until Febuary.

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