Knock on wood..I think I got lucky with my rooster

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    Jan 10, 2011
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    I have a 3 month old Jersey Giant rooster named Odin. I wanted him so he could help protect the girls and for breeding. He started crowing a couple of weeks ago, he stays with the girls all the time and he is starting to do the "I have something for you" dance and call. He has even started the mating dance but my girls aren't interested right now.
    The other day he stood up to my dog. One of my little girls got too close to the dog pen and the dog came running, Odin ran up and put himself between the fence and the pullet, all feathers stuck straight out and dancing. My dog didn't know what to think of this and backed down. I know that my dog backing down went straight to that little roosters head. Diffidently put the cocky in that little cockerel.
    Odin tolerates me and doesn't like getting too close. I pick him up and hold him at least once a week just to remind him, I'm top chicken in this yard and to behave. He really gets his feathers all ruffled up and practically growls at me but he has never pecked me or run at me, so I'm guessing it is working. Getting my pecking order set before he reaches max weight.
    I just hoping he stays nice and doesn't get too aggressive, would hate to have to put him in the stew pot.

  2. start holding him a LOT more. petting him, coddleing him, etc. Heck, I even hold my 'Bird in my arms like a baby and rock him. [​IMG] that way he will NEVER forget who's boss. 'Bird even does the 'i have something here' dance for me sometimes. The more interaction you have with him now the better.


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    giving him a bit o Coors won't hurt either...!
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    Oct 7, 2010
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    That's what I was thinking. You got him drunk and he can't even walk, much less run at you>[​IMG]

    I'm just not a fan of cuddling a chicken, or rooster, and expect them to understand I'm the big rooster not him. I just let a chicken be a chicken. If they jump up on my leg and want attention that's fine. But I don't instigate it. I let it be their idea.

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