Know Any Good Rhode Island Red breeders in Ohio


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Mar 24, 2011
Hello. Looking for a breeder of quality single comb RIRs. I am in Ohio. Our pony killed my daughters rooster. We found a new home for the pony, but are now needing a rooster. My daughter breeds standard RIRs for showing at our county fair, so we need a good quality rooster. The breeder her original breeding pair came from only has rose combs right now. He is kindly on the look out for a bird for her, but I thought I would look too. Any help would be appreciated.
Dennis Myers address and phone number:

4225 Sylvan Road
Wooster OH 44691
(330) 264-4943

He's always listed on the Ohio National Poultry Show website. Also, check out this link because it's an awesome poultry show held in Columbus OH every November and you would just love it!

Take care,
Thanks so much for your info. Wooster is only about 15 miles from here. Thanks again.
Dennis has not had SC RIR LF for three or four years now. He now has bantams.

Unless he got some back since I saw him in February.

His were great birds. Straight from the famous EW Reese flock over 20 years ago and he never screwed them up. That makes him a poultry breeder folks, not a "hatcher". Put down many best in shows.

He sold quality chicks for at a fair price many years and the Ohio fair shows (both Jr. and Open) and those of many states were dominated by this bloodline. They were everywhere. A pleasure to see.

Then the crap started and he said to h with it.

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