Knoxville City Council on Tuesday night approved an ordinance to legal

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    Yeah I can have a flock in Knoxville TN now if I chose to put a coop at friends and reletives who live in Knoxville. I am in the county mainly for my chickens but also for the lightning bugs, or for my friends in the north fire flys.
    Knoxville City Council on Tuesday night approved an ordinance to legalize the keeping of backyard chickens within city limits.
    The ordinance was sponsored by Councilman Chris Woodhull and approved on a unanimous voice vote. Second reading will be heard in four weeks rather than two weeks to give "stakeholders" a chance to meet to consider improving the ordinance.
    Currently, the practice is illegal under the city code.
    Stephen Smith, a nonpracticing veterinarian, said backyard hens will "decrease the (city's) environmental footprint."
    Chad Hellwinckel, with the Knoxville Urban Hen Coalition, said backyard hens are a healthy source of eggs and strengthen community ties.
    Some opponents, including animal control official Karen Pappas, said they were concerned about an increase in predators. Others said they were concerned about the odor and decreasing property values by neighbors.
    Under the new ordinance, backyard hens could be kept only for egg production - not for the selling of eggs or chicken breeding.
    A $25 annual permit would be required. The ordinance would allow six chickens on any size lot.
    Only hens - not roosters - would be allowed. Hens would be required to be kept in a fenced enclosure that would have to be "clean, dry and odor-free" and could not disturb neighbors.
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    This is great for all my city friends that love my chickens..LOL [​IMG] Now they can love their own....
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    According to the Knoxville News Sentinel the amendment to the poultry law passed with a unanimous vote however the amendment must pass a minimum of three hearings to become law. First Passed and Second has been shelved but still has a unanimous backing. Its election time so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for those in the City of Knoxville.
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    Quote:Can anyone tell me if this was ever finalized? I write a columm for about backyard chickens and I like to link to articles about cities that have changed their ordinances to allow chickens in city limits.

    Thanks for any info!

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    If I'm correct they are still waiting on it to make it through one more hearing to be final...
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    Yay for my Knoxville neighors!

    now... who wants some of my chickens for sale? [​IMG]
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    The new law allowing chickens in the city of Knoxville passed unanimously at the second hearing. At the third hearing voting will be on permit cost and regulations, its legal but not ready to go into effect until the third hearing that has an unknown date at this time. All Knoxville city laws have three hearings before going into effect. All good news so far.
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