Ko Shamo General Info/Tips...???


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Apr 13, 2018
I am looking to start breeding some Ko Shamo. I love the stocky physical characteristics/stature, carriage, personality and attitude of the Ko Shamo. They just look so COOL! I am looking to try and breed some Ko Shamo that I can successfully label as a 'micro/pocket' Ko Shamo. Kind of a like a 'micro' bully in the pitbull/dog world. So, I am basically looking for the smallest, shortest specimens I can find and start from there.

I have some general questions and concerns.

1. What is the average size Ko Shamo (height/weight)?
2. What heights and weights can I expect at the larger/taller end? What heights and weights can I expect at the smaller/shorter end?
3. Do you need to separate stags/cocks or can they successfully live in harmony without fighting?
4. Do the cocks tend to crow a lot?
5. In general are the pullets/hens good mothers with good hatchability/survival rates? If not, should I just do incubation instead?
6. Can the cocks grow or develop a muff/beard? I like the look of a beard on my cocks.
7. Are there any hennie feather Ko Shamo cocks?
8. Lastly, Who are some good/reputable Ko Shamo breeders in the US? Looking for breeders in California or the west coast specifically.


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