KO SHAMO pair for sale - READY TO BREED

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    auction is for a pair of RARE Ko Shamo birds.

    They are already breeding and ready to add to your flock.


    This hard-feathered Japanese breed is a true miniature (Ko is Japanese for miniature and should not be referred to as Bantams since no large form exists.) The head and neck are large, as are the legs, and the ideal bird is equally proportioned into three parts: head and neck, breast and legs. The head is broad with wrinkled red skin, strong eyes under prominent brows and a short, thick beak. The comb is pea, walnut or chrysanthemum in type. The breast is wide with sparse feathering and red skin. Tail is short and carried downward. In Japan they insist on split wing as being a characteristic of this extremely hard-feathered breed.

    They are Belgian lines and are directly descended from the stock of Frank Brusselman. These stocky little birds are small warriors of Japan and weigh out at less than 2 pounds a piece. You will not be dissapointed!

    TERMS: Payment must be made immediately at end of auction, so that we may ship these birds out immediately.

    We ARE NOT responsible for problems due to mishandling by the United States Post Office.

    Birds will ship directly from our farm via USPS EXPRESS Mail in Horizon box. Cost for shipping (including box) is a flat fee of $65

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