Kolorscape Pea Gravel from Lowes Safe?

Is Koralscape pea gravel from Lowes okay/safe in a duck run even though it has Prop 65 warning?

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Hi, All. We've done a lot of research on this question, and we've received a range of answers. All the people who have used Kolorscape pea gravel from Lowes say it's great and safe for our duck run, whereas others, but no one who has used it for a duck run, say it's not safe to use. The reason is two-fold: 1) bumblefoot and 2) Proposition 65 labeling on the bag. We're mostly concerned about the latter issue--why the pea gravel (and not Koralscape's other products) has the Prop 65 warning. Do people here with experience have any thoughts on using Kolorscape pea gravel from Lowes in a duck fun, especially insofar as respiratory issues are concerned?

Thanks in advance.

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