Kool - aid? Do not get mad.

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    On easter we wanna dye our handicap chicken and take her around. She's a buff orpington, and I believe she's slightly retarded. Don't ask me what she has, I'm not sure myself but she's a little off. I'm still trying to find out what she has. I want to use a safe dye that won't cause irritation. Will kool-aid work? I want her to be blue or a purple color.
    She's also really small and around 8 months old. She hasn't layed yet. I trim her beak often and her nails. I think purple would look good since her eyes are pink, like I said, don't ask.
    It's only gonna this one time so will it come out if we bathe her with warm water and dish soap?

    Move the thread if needed, I didn't know where to post this.

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    I don't know where it is but there was a thread about someone coloring a silkie pink for a wedding.....search around for it.....I think he posted pics.
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    Silkies have different feathers though.. I'll check it out.

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    does she have any loose feathers that have been shed naturally recently? You can experiment on the fallen feathers that are her color to see how the color will look to give you an idea.

    Food Coloring is another product that folks use.

    The gal that colored her Silkie pink took the Silkie to her vet and used a proffessional dog dye. Came out to cute for words.

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