Kosova chickens Available in the US? Receiving eggs from abroad?

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    I was impressed with the Kodova Long Crowing Rooster someone had on here before pointing to a video. I would really like to have some of these. Only I cannot find them anywhere in the US. If anyone knows of a place let me know. Strangely someone offered to ship me eggs from Kosova, is this even legal and can eggs be shipped from another country have any chance of arriving safely?
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    * Gads!! Maybe if they wrap them in kevlar and sandwich them between a top and bottom 'crust' of 12 inch memory foam???? I have a feeling overseas postal service handling may be as "troublesome" as our own, if not moreso. Fed-Ex'ed-- maybe.
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    The USDA (and possibly many other government agencies) would seriously frown upon this. [​IMG] I don't believe it's legal at all. And I would be worried about the trustworthiness of someone when buying from another country--not that people from other countries can't be trusted, that's not what I mean--but that you have very little way of knowing, no recourse if things go bad, etc.
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    Maybe legal with all the proper paperwork... [​IMG] better have lots of cash...... [​IMG]
    fed~ex is the PO
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