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    Apr 13, 2008
    Kramer Bird Farm has the following for sale. Pick- up in SW Missouri or shipping through express mail.

    Cape Teal pair $150. *SOLD OUT*

    Black Bibbed Call ducks $40 per pair. *SOLD OUT*

    White Call Drake $15.

    Ruddy Shellducks $150 pair.

    Paradise Shelduck hen $150 (breeder)

    Australian Maned Goose hen $125 (breeder)

    Ruddy - Head Goose hen $400 (breeder)

    White Faced Tree Ducks $200 pair.


    Saint Pigeons $15 each. *SOLD OUT*

    American Fantails $8 each.

    Capuchin Pigeons $25 per pair.

    Arch Angels $15 per pair.

    Giant Hungarian House Pigeons
    Pure white $50 per pair.
    Black and White Splash $60 per pair.
    Young birds $15 each.

    English Trumpeters $15 - $20 per bird.

    Frillbacks $15 - $25 per bird.

    Giant Runts $50 pair.

    Mookees $15 pair.

    Bokhara Trumpeter hen $35.

    Black Nuns $40 pair.

    English Magpies $15 each.
    Reds and Blacks available.

    Shield Croppers $50 pair.

    Spangled Saxon Ice pigeons $25 pair.

    Barred Wyandotte bantams
    Red Wyandotte bantams
    White Rock Bantams
    cochin bantams

    standard Black Breasted Red Modern Game

    Please e-mail me at [email protected] for info and shipping costs.
    Visit my website at.
    and find the Kramer Bird Farm page on facebook.
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    Gosh....I wish you were coming to buy all your English Trumpeters, they are my favorite.

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