Krazy glue to the rescue! Dogs Vs Chicken neck in chain link fence?

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    May 17, 2012
    Not sure where to put this info but this is probably the 3rd time in years this has happened. different dogs but they always seem to have 1 grab body and 1 grab neck thru a fence which severs the neck skin about 75%. Now what to you do with the skin that it is sliding up and down!? I know it is not supposed to heal properly but I have had 1 or 2 just turn dark and is still around months later with a bit of a fluff after just putting neosporin. But another one today was one of my favorites and I washed the gravel out and neo'd it and tried to wrap it so the neck skin was pushed up and put her in a low box to keep her from standing tall and make the skin fall down. Was ok for several hours then looked like she moved and I took the stuff off. I even tried some small hair clamps to keep the feathers on the head to the neck but nothing worked. I borrowed my neighbors Krazy Glue and took some long neck feathers near the laceration and glued to the top feathers on head. I DID NOT USE IT ON THE SKIN, only glued feather to feathers to lift the skin. I saw some info that certain types get hot and this did, almost burns your finger while drying so I used a wood BBQ bamboo stick to help push them together. I did about 4 sections and it did a great job of holding the skin close enough to hopefully help the edges grow back together by scabbing.After working for a vet a million years ago people always ask- I found the chicken days or hours later. will it grow back together? The vets usually have to cut of the dead edges and with a clean edge then suture (Mainly dog info- since most vets wont do chickens or if they do , charge 500.!) then will usually grow together but if yours is past that point I would clean & med it, separate cage hand water and hand feed to see how it is doing or to give it a little more help. You could keep scratch or wet mash and water in cage but I always try to give more protein and fun things to get it pepped up! Luncheon meat if they don't try it I rub it under beak or force if needed and usually they will start once they know what it is. Poss meals worms dead or live. cheese ,cereal etc . egg, broken shell etc. Sorry about bad pic's I only took pic's after I glued. Excuse the tape on her head, something I tried earlier but didn't want to pull off since head skin was loose.1st picture dark under the blue ear lobe is kind of where it was cut then you can see pimply skin that the feathers are now going up which is good it glued to the top of the head feathers because the skin on head wanted to crawl forward so this helps pull that down and you can see her eye is droopy and sad compared to the next eye pic you can see she is looking good and peppy since most of wound is near the other side, under that picture is hard to see the stretched skin of feathers pulling up you can see her blue ear lobe w head facing away. R pic is the tools I used, only trim as few feathers as poss since you will need them!.If chicken has bald area you can super glue feathers to it or tape or wood or what ever works to glue to the other piece. Last pic she is happy to get turkey meat mixed w egg but wasn't as interested having to pic off counter so I raised it so she didn't have to move head as much, She is a sweet girl and tough, she even laid an egg while I was prepping at 5pm! She also kept wanting to fly high in the garage so this is why you need to keep a small house for a while so they don't rip things that got fixed. Their brain hasn't changed just their neck! This type of wound has always gotten chickens euthanized so I was so happy that this is working maybe you can try but better w 2 people! I like to wrap w blanket or tie feet if needed until done. Thank God she is doing good. You might be able to use this on other parts of the body that needs a suture to get the skin closer together. Hope this helps!


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