kudos to Gordie Sternweis and Duane Urch

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  1. Have I told them lately that I love them? [​IMG]

    LOL, these guys ROCK. Best communication ever (Duane just rang me up to let me know my eggs shipped today; Gordie emailed me yesterday).

    So many people order from hatcheries, but I feel really good giving these two gentlemen my business. Their stock is just wonderful! They both sell eggs and chicks, and I think also started birds.
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  2. flyingmonkeypoop

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    We have had problems with Duane Urch. We ordered early and he said he would have enough of everything for our order. Then a month later, he said he wouldnt have any, so we substituted. Then he called back a month later and said he wouldnt have enough of the substitutes we wanted. So, we told him to send as many as he can of the original breed and the original substitute and to just refund our money for the chicks that wouldnt be included.
  3. Wow, that wasn't my experience at all. Sorry yours wasn't great.
  4. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
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  5. McGoo

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    I just ordered from Duane and he mailed me hatching eggs today. He communicated well and supposedly shipped what I asked for... so hope they arrive soon. [​IMG]
  6. McGoo, what kind of eggs? I bought his rose comb RIR eggs. I'm thinking about adding RIWs eventually. Maybe next year.
  7. SloCrevs

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    I've had terrible business from Duane. I've seen great stock come from him, but mine was terrible. I ordered 1 doz crevs, he sent a dozen, but they were in an egg carton with a little bit of sawdust for shipping! I incubated, 2 hatched. One was a white crested black polish (great quality, but completely wrong breed!), and the other was a crevecoeur, but had the wrong colored shanks and his wings were splashed with white! So I've decided just to try to order a trio from him.
  8. McGoo

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    Just wanted to add that I got my hatching eggs from Duane Urch and they'll all intact and he threw in 2 extra EEgr's. I am very pleased with his service. Stay tuned for hatching in 23 days.
  9. All my eggs arrived yesterday in perfect shape. Duane packed really well, eggs cushioned with sawdust in the carton, wrapped in crinkled newspaper, centered in the middle of the box. Not one was cracked.

    Gordie's were packed fantastic, too. Each wrapped in tissues, in an egg carton, surrounded by bubble wrap, and with packing peanuts and styrofoam, centered in the middle of the box.

    Can't wait to see how many hatch!!
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  10. pips&peeps

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    Jan 18, 2008
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    I ordered LF silver pencilled and partridge wyandottes from Duane. I can't wait to get them!!!

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