KY Powerball 193 mil.... what would you do if you won?

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So, I never play the lottery... but I had to buy a ticket
193 million bucks.... (I don't expect to win, but it's a nice daydream...)

if you won that much money, what would you do with it?

My life wouldn't change a whole lot ... I already have my dream farm, I'm already retired (I retired at age 43), and all I need is to upgrade the farm and maybe buy the 28 acres across the road to put in more animals.

But, it would be nice to know I'd never have to worry about money again, and maybe give my kids a little to get them going (not too much, they need to learn to earn some money, first... they can get it all when I die.)

With the idea that "the worst thing to wish on your enemy is that they win the lottery", I wouldn't go nuts or anything... just improve what I already have.

so.... what would you do with 193 million dollars (minus the Govt's share...)

I would not mention it. Ever. to anyone. I inherited some money when my 2nd husband passed, suddedly everone thought I was the bank of Saddi, ruined several friendships. I would quietly buy a larger house (and let people assume it was a teacher loan program), in a year or so replace my 12 year old van, and be as discrete as I could.
Yeah, I think I would be discrete, also (or at least I would try to be).

Like I said before, I already have my dream farm, all I would do is add improvements, and since none of my family knows how much money I have now, they wouldn't take note unless I spilled the beans, or if I started buying extravagantly, or if the newspapers spilled the beans for me

hmm... with that much of a jackpot, how would you keep the newspapers from hunting you down?

Im with you,I dont play the lottery.When it gets that high,well...Id give it a try too..I also would buy the land across from us and do several things.Make a small kennel as my ds would love to be the next "dog whisper".Perhaps take rescued animals in.Buy some sheep,goat n cows and of course more chickens...lots more.. Then I would have a custom home built for my dear mom and sister who have severe physical disabilities due to a disease.I would fill every food pantry I could and help my church back home as well as our church here.I would pay someone to finish all the projects so DH 's "honey do list is to solar n go green...Then I would start a non profit organization that would help people to learn how to help themselves by living off the land,raising animals,food and getting back to the basic needs of life without all the fancy gizmos..Save for our future n help our kids.I think that covers it...Of course Id spluge n we would get 1st class tickets to Hawaii and go as a family dream vacation......
We did play $3, but no such luck. There is a show on the satellite that is about lottery winners and how bad luck seems to befall a lot of them . . .but I would be very cautious. I don't think you can keep it quiet when you win a big one, I think you have to let them advertise your name . . .almost positive you do. . . but I would be debt free, so would our kids, I would help some families that I feel deserve it. I would buy MORE land, alpacas, and everything else that makes a farm a farm. And, I would stay home and take care of them. I might even buy a "vet" and have them live on my farm too, just for convenience. We need dreams, they are the reason we get up every day and keep plodding along!!!
we're debt free now (at least for now
) but my kids are young and struggling, and my mom is older and struggling, would be nice to be able to help them out a little.

however, I doubt I would give them a ton of money - well, maybe Mom, but the kids... they don't know how to deal with it, it would probably get them into major trouble to have a lot of money.

I am debt free and retired and live on my dream farm simply because I never had a lot of money - I had to learn to make do and get here without a winning lottery ticket
It actually feels better knowing I did it that hard way.

I can see how a lot of people would go insane buying this and that gadget then be overcome with a bunch of stuff and nothing else (and run out of money).

I see the advertisements on TV for investing, or buying gold, which, I suppose is as good an investment as any, but the real valuable investments are not stuff you can hold - it is the skills to live and prosper without the gold. Too often those skills don't come to you if you have the money to buy your way out of it. That is why I wouldn't give my kids a ton of money - what would they learn from it? what would they do when the money was gone?

but gold is nice, too


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