LA-200 Orally


Jul 21, 2020
Hi everyone,
I have a very sick bird that hid it from me. She apparently had an upper respiratory infection with no symptoms other than pale comb and being a little lethargic. I though she was molting. Today I noticed a fly strike, which I have treated with ivermectin. That looks good now and she is eating and drinking; however, she has lost ALOT of weight. She is normally 2 pounds and is now 1. She has started to sneeze and cough...I have LA-200 injectable which I have used successfully before. Because she is so skinny and so poorly, I want to at least try an oral dose to see if if makes a difference. Can anyone suggest the correct dose?
I guess I one could try it orally. As for the dose, I have no idea. Maybe 40 mg per kilogram?

1 / 2.2 x 40 / 200 = 0.09 ml per pound of body weight.

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