La Fleche deal in Maine......

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    Jun 1, 2008
    Okay, I kept 1 cockeral and 2 pullets from a hatch. Quite a few of the others hatched missing toenails, including the pullets I have. The one cockeral has all of his nails and was the best. I don't want to cross these, as I was told the missing nails is probably from too much line breeding. These came from an exhibition breeder that no longer shows and hasn't brought in new blood in a while. I have some in the bator from 92caddy, who has nice birds also. If someone will take this roo with a promise to breed him, I will pass on any pullets that hatch. If this hatch is not a success I will try one more. I will get a pic of him soon if there is anyone interested. I do not want to ship......

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