La Fleche?


11 Years
Apr 11, 2011
Can someone PLEASE tell me about La Fleche chickens? I've read thru several threads on the site and most seem to be using them as show birds. I will not be showing mine, they will be for their original intended purpose- as meat and egg layers.
Is their meat really as good as every website makes it out to be? Apparently the capons are highly prized in France. Anyway...
Whilst looking thru threads I could find about them, everyones birds appeared to be seriously lacking in size. I've choosen Le Fleche since there are so few breeding them, and I wanted a breed that needed some help (and was a non-setter, productive dual purpose bird). I expected them to be plump and they just didn't look like they had much meat on them.
They only places I've sourced to buy them are Sandhill and Ideal, and I'm afraid I'll order chicks I intend to use as meat and end up disappointed. If anyone has ordered this breed from either of these hatcheries, I'd be extremely interested in hearing how you feel about them, good and bad. Or, if anyone knows of a breeder who ships and has nice stock, I'd love to have their contact information. I'd like to get a good start and actually do this breed justice, so I'm shooting for birds that are bigger (like the ones they have in France). I realize that may be a stretch, since there are so few breeding them, but I'd certainly appreciate any little bit of help I can get. Thank you all so much :)
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If you want a meat bird buy cornish cross- process them at 6 to 8 weeks. . Dual purpose birds in the USA are not actually dual purpose. They are bred for egg laying, and some do not do that very well, and for certain characteristics.

But, I don't want a meat bird. No offense to anyone that raises them, but I think they're disgusting. I've had Chentechlers, another DP breed, and they were nice and plump and they were great layers. But they had a strong tendency to go broody. I have a small flock of Silkies, so I don't need broodies.
La Fleche are non-setters and that really appeals to me. I also am very interested in raising a breed on the critical list. Though, I guess this breed is going to be more difficult to find then I thought.

Does anyone breed La Fleche? I know they are rare, but I figured SOMEONE would have small flock. Can anyone tell me how they feel about Sandhill? I've ordered from Ideal and was pleased with what I got, but I'd prefer not to order from a hatchery if I can find a reputable breeder :/
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